Ghana made Better on National Volunteer Day

Ghana made Better on National Volunteer Day

21st September, 2013 marked the Founder’s day in Ghana and was a National Holiday. The Founder’s Day is for the commemoration of Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, Ghana’s First President.
National Volunteer Day was instituted by Ghana Think Foundation as an initiative to get as many people as possible in Ghana to volunteer to spend their time to do community service on the founder’s day holiday.
National Volunteer Day has come to stay and it will be organized annually on every 21st of September. Say NVDay not Founders Day.

My Experience at #NVDay13
I was privileged to be part of the first ever National Volunteer Day by organizing an event in the University Cape Coast. For the first time in my life, I was able to convince (36) thirty- six university students to do volunteering exercise without any form of “motivation” (food, transportation etc).
During a Barcamp event in the University of Cape Coast, Mr. Ato Ulzen, the Executive Director of Ghana Think Foundation made the call for students to take action and organize volunteering event on 21st September.
Being convinced with the vision of NVDay, I decided to lead a breakout session that will discuss National Volunteer Day. At the breakout session we decided to work as a team to organize a clean-up exercise at the University of Cape Coast Hospital, Children’s ward.

During the breakout session, some university students decided to take up organizing roles willingly and to get others involved. Most of them promised to provide washing detergents, scrubbing brushes, soaps, gloves, fruits, and they fulfilled.
I was amazed at the short time interval of organizing the event and the day of event and how enthusiastic they were. I received a call two days before the event from Radio Universe inquiring about the participation, I told them we were ready and that I was expecting ten volunteers. To my surprise thirty-six (36) students attended the event. We started at 8:30am and ended at 12:30pm. It was a fulfilling event.
Personally this event has had an impact on me and more especially what I do. The skills that I got as a result of putting together a volunteering event such as this was great.

Can you start a business with no real capital? I got it. “Human resource?” Working or managing people that you have never paid and will never pay and still get them committed? I got it. “Online advertisement?” I got it. “Television and Radio interviews?” I got it. “Event management?” I got it. “The networks were amazing and filled with great men and women of extraordinary skills?” I got it also.

I do not think after sharing my experience, nothing should hold you back from participating in the next event or creating an event on National Volunteer Day coming September 21st.

Other #NVDay Event in Cape Coast

In Cape Coast, there were other three (3) volunteering events that took place; a soccer clinic for kwaprow community, ICT training event and reading & drawing event for children.


I would like to congratulate the great friends behind my impacts; Kobe Subramaniam, William Boampong Osilaja, Francis Kumadoh, Kofi Yeboah, Rachel Hormeku, Sampson Oboh among others.

We look forward to another #NVDay event with joy. I dedicate the success of #NVDay13 to all the volunteers who made Ghana Better. Yes, we proved beyond doubt that the Youth of Ghana are ready to take the Barton.

Event Leads on NVDay


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