Why Wave Earth to her Early Grave?

Why Wave Earth to her Early Grave?

Passion for nature means so much to me than taking a bottle of beer and watching a movie at a cinema or playing golf on a Sunday morning at the National Golf Park. I am afraid that someday I would be homeless and lifeless.

My brothers and sisters watch unconcern whilst the family house dies helpless. The foundations are weakened and no one has the heart to help it. There are a lot of religious fantasy that I describe as “Nature’s terrorist” worsening the situation with their beliefs and teachings. Who will join me shame them into belief that encompasses them into showing ingratitude to their mother, nature?

Unlike some nature’s religious hatters, some faith protect nature from harm. I took some time off my busy schedule to watch Peter Owen Jones BBC documentary on “80 faith around the globe” and there I’d study into nature’s true conservationist, the Bishnois who are in the city of Rajasthan in India. I’d read extensively into their culture that has a deep respect for nature enshrined in their faith.

I’d read about a young woman called Amrita Devi who preferred giving her life than allowing a tree to be cut down. When she was about to be massacred she said “If a tree is saved even at the cost of one’s head, it’s worth it”. Three hundred and sixty-three Bishnois were massacred. It’s so passionate and pathetic and you have to research on it.

I spent almost the whole night reading a book titled, “Ecology” by Prof. R. Ricklefs and Prof. G. Miller. One lesson I have received is to love nature the same way it loves me. The concept I have derived is to create an Ecosystem that by itself regulates human not human regulating the ecosystem (Ecosystem with Humans exclusive). It is true a fact to know that the Ecosystem can take care of humans and itself than humans can do for the Ecosystem and itself.

Certain times I am swept into believing that whatever you individually do to earth you receive the reward and communities that protect and live at peace with nature will be the only ones to enjoy the good side of nature until recently, I began to draw inspiration from what my grandfather Togbe Klikor said some time ago in Atsiavi that when there is trouble in a community other communities should be concern because trouble spreads like fire in a dry bush.

Because of his passionate and humanly caution, I am convinced to extend the message of saving nature through harnessing conservation practices not only through the gong gong beater or the linguist of my village but to personally bring this information to you. The change begins from you.

Thanks for passing by.


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