I’m humbled. Senior Etsey. This means so much to me. I am grateful for these kind words, they speak to my heart. You know and have seen my humble beginning and you’ve made it a cherished memory. These words make me wanna be a better man. I am still learning a lot and more especially from your determination and resilience. I am very hopeful of our future and would always cherish our union. God knows why we cross path, Etsey Freshie Atisu. God bless


These boys were not trying to be as respectful as they should be. After all, they thought, we were just a year ahead of them in school. So, why give us the needed respect.

In any case, we were almost like no seniors at all because some others were still ahead of us. These first year students were one difficult bunch.

How sad.


I guess that was the kind of attitude some of your mates tried introducing when they arrived but we both know where the lines were drawn between the seniors and the juniors.

Sincerely speaking, there was no way I could have predicted that your calm, respectful nature could have even made you anything so important in the few years after school as has become the case. I wouldn’t have known.

And thank God for social media and how I’ve followed your progress. I must say I have…

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