Intentional minded agriculture and agri-business

The role of the youth at school sites

It was quite ironic that in secondary schools that had much larger pieces of land to continue the interests some had accrued as small boys to feed themselves, Latin and Greek had replaced and dimmed the initiatives in practical agriculture.

· A most serious imperative for Ghana and Africa

Genius is a result based obsession. Flying over Thailand, about to land in Bangkok, the specter of hectares and hectares of lush green rice and other agricultural fields – some in eye-catching geometric order – is nothing short of a man-made miracle. The lush fields are no wishful miracles from heavenly prayers, nor lazy incantations for free lunches propagated by profiteering prophets; it is the very effort of a cultivated intentional mindset of a people and a country intent on eradicating poverty and succeeding.

Lush green agricLush green agriculture in Thailand

Without doubt, the specter must be most pleasing in the eyes of God. A profound miracle made by man! Effort and commitment demonstrate classic examples of how the Almighty – no matter one’s religion – helps those who help themselves!

Similarly, veering off the Pacific Coast Highway, on route to the Silicon…

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