Delegates Present at LTMUN13
Delegates Present at LTMUN13


The President of the General Assembly, Mr. Jerry John Nutor, in his opening address, welcomed all participants to the Model United Nations Conference. He emphasised on the Millennium Development Goal 8 – Global Partnership for Development as the most critical in the overall structure of the MDGs. He said, “MDG 8 has the ability to assist all developing countries in achieving all other MDGs through a strengthened global partnership for international cooperation.”

He lauded the effort of Like-Link Ghana for helping to transform the lives of young people. The PGA advised Honourable Delegates to fully get involved in the discussions since it has the ability to analyse issues through the global lens as well as appreciating how issues in one corner of the world could have ripple effect on the other part of the world, positively or negatively.

He urged that the Secretariat will use this opportunity to benefit from the wisdom of Hon. Ambassadors. Also, he advised Hon. Delegates to spice up debates with innovative ideas, frank opinions and most importantly, constructive contributions.

Additionally,   the PGA charged young people to take bold steps in building their countries. The President ended with a quote from the former UN General Secretary, Mr. Kofi Annan, “the older generation and the younger generation must talk to each other; the dialogue is essential. We cannot tell young people the future is theirs, they are going to inherit the future, and then not associate them with the decisions we are talking, decisions which will impact the future”.


The Secretary General, SG of the Conference, Mr. Fiifi Ninson Botchway, began his speech by welcoming delegates to the second edition of the Life-Link Tertiary Model United Nations Conference.

He assured Hon. Delegates of an almost perfect simulation of the multilateral body, the United Nations. The SG further called on Hon. Members to equip themselves with the Rules of Procedures that closely relate to that of the United Nations to enhance a fruitful discussion.

He expressed his profound gratitude for the over 150 delegates, officials from Ghana and other countries such as; Kenya, Sudan, Nigeria and Liberia for making the right decision to be part of the conference.

He further appreciated the efforts of Click Consult, UN Office in Ghana and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ghana for their usual support.

He ended his speech by charging Hon. Delegates to make use of every opportunity that seeks their holistic development in positively impacting society.


Mr. Dennis Penu
Mr. Dennis Penu

The conference Director of Life-link Ghana, Mr. Dennis Penu at the opening session of the Tertiary Model United Nations Conference, made a very impressive and hopeful statement and that is, the Vision of Life-link Ghana is Alive.



Life-Link Friendship Schools Ghana in line with the goals of Life Link International continues to pioneer efforts to involve the Ghanaian child in the discussion of global issues, as well as providing information and educational materials for the NGOs, the media, and the public at large.

Life-Link Ghana also hosts the African Regional Office (ARO) of Life-Link International. It has been actively involved in the work of informing and educating children and the youth in Ghana. It does this by organizing open discussions and school twinning, symposium, seminars, workshops, projects and conferences such the MUN Conference. It currently has membership of over 3500 in Ghana.

Currently, Life-link runs annual Model United Nations conferences for all educational level (JHS, SHS and Tertiary Level) in Partnership with the UN system in Ghana and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Life-Link has also unveiled a weekly reality TV show which focuses on the workings of the UN Security Council. There are respective TV shows for all educational level dubbed “The Delegate”, “The Ambassador”, “The Diplomat”, respectively. To date Life-Link Ghana has organized twenty (20) Model UN Conferences for children and the youth in Ghana. Life-Link has also participated in several international Model UN Conferences including Model UN Conference at the United Nations Headquarters and the US state Department. Life-Link delegations have won 15 awards in all events.

Source: Life-link Ghana Website


Life-Link Tertiary Model United  Nations is a  simulation of what happens in the General Assembly of the UN. The 2013 LTMUN is the second edition of the tertiary MUN by Life-Link. This year’s LTMUN started with an intense preparation by the secretariat of the LTMUN with a great support from the conference director, Mr. Dennis Penu and the other conference staffs who worked tirelessly to see to it that this conference takes the shape in which it has been greatly anticipated.

This time around LTMUN did not only have delegates coming from Ghana but outside Ghana as well. Delegates came from across the globe.

The Nigerian delegate in an interview told us this was her first MUN and she hopes it is going to make a great impact on her leadership skills. Most delegates from Kenya also said it was their first time with the expectation of Melaine who said it was her second time, her first was in Nairobi and she hopes she would have a nice time and a fruitful deliberation in her committee during the session.

Mr. Dennis Penu together with the secretary-general, Mr. Fiifi Botcway took all residents through an orientation which was aim at briefing all delegates especially the international delegates about the LTMUN rules of procedure and the code within and outside committee sessions.

The officials and the bureaus were introduced to the delegates for any further information related to the conference.  LTMUN had new delegates coming from the University of Cape Coast, UDS, and University of Ghana. They are very excited and hope to have a fruitful debate.


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